Yiannis Papazacharia

Trust and Professionalism Since 1988

Yiannis Papazacharia

Founding Partner

Yiannis Papazacharia is the Founding Partner of Yiannis Papazacharia LLC.

He graduated from the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in the year 1987. As from January 1988 he is a licensed advocate, member of the Cyprus Bar Association and member of the Piraeus Bar Association since February 2009.

He is the former President of the Paphos Bar Association, during the period of January 2006 – October 2014 and the former President of the Committee of the Yeroskipou and East Paphos Cooperative Bank, November 2009 – September 2013.

Yiannis Papazacharia specialises in litigation, undertaking legal cases on Civil, Criminal and Administrative Law and advises a broad spectrum of prominent clients, including municipalities, organizations and banks. He further deals with company law, matters of acquisition of property and migration law.

He is involved in social activities and sport and is an ambassador for the promotion of tourism of the Cyprus Tourism Organization and the “Love Cyprus” program.

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