Wills & Probate

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Wills & Probate

Estate administration can often be a complex process. Our Firm has significant experience in all areas of wills and probate law and we take pride in offering advice that will enable the client to protect their interests in planning their estate or following the passing of a loved one.

In general, a will that is made in Cyprus, shall be valid for the estate in Cyprus and or abroad, as if intended. The Cypriot law of Wills & Succession does not recognise the absolute right of disposition. Estate in Cyprus, may be disposed either to relatives or non-relatives, noting that a non-disposable portion is reserved in favour of first degree relatives.

The aforementioned legislation is applicable to the shares of any immovable property in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, there is no inheritance tax imposed on the assets of people who passed away after 01/01/2000.

The services we may offer, include the following:

  • Legal advice and drafting of wills
  • Administration of estates
  • Re-sealing of foreign grants
  • Litigation – contested wills, probate disputes
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