Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2015

A non-Cypriot citizen, who is married with a Cypriot and the married couple either permanently reside in Cyprus or permanently reside abroad, may apply for the acquisition of the Cyprus Citizenship.

The criteria to be met are that the applicant:

  1. has reached the age of 18 years old; and
  2. is the spouse or the widow or the widower of a Cypriot, or was the spouse of a person who, in the event he/she did not pass away, should have become or  should have had the right to become a Cypriot; and
  3. resides in Cyprus with his/her spouse for at least three years before the application; and
  4. has a clean criminal record.

The timeframe of three years of residency in Cyprus as per criterion 3 above may be reduced but not less than two years at the discretion of the Minister of Interior under
special circumstances.

“Reside with his/her spouse in Cyprus” means that the couple has been residing in Cyprus for at least 6 months per calendar year.

It is further noted that for a couple who permanently reside abroad the timeframe of joint residency is three years.

Finally, it is clarified that the granting of the Cyprus Citizenship to a non-Cypriot Citizen spouse, is at the absolute discretion of the Minster of Interior of Cyprus.

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