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Banking and Finance

Trust and Professionalism Since 1988

Yiannis Papazacharia LLC

Banking and Finance

Yiannis Papazacharia L.L.C. advises on and assists clients on both a domestic and international level with all aspects of the banking and finance spectrum, including the below:

  • drafting and reviewing of loan and security documentation
  • legal advice on both domestic and cross-border transactions
  • acquisition, project and corporate finance
  • compliance and legal due diligence exercises
  • real estate refinancing, loan restructuring, refinancing
  • debt recovery
  • indemnities and guarantees
  • securities law compliance
  • domestic and international lending and obtainment of credit
  • registration of mortgages and charges

Our firm further assists with the opening, maintenance and closing of bank accounts with both Cypriot and foreign credit institutions and collaborates with major local banks, cooperative societies, major financial institutions and both lenders and borrowers.